Building for others

The opportunity is not to discover the perfect organization for ourselves. The opportunity is to build the perfect organization for each other.” -Simon Sinek

What would you enjoy better? Receiving a gift, or building a gift and giving it away to someone and watching their joyful reaction? There’s no wrong answer here, so don’t worry. I won’t judge.

I am inclined to enjoy things that are ready to go (like fast food), without assembly (unlike IKEA), already cooked (unlike Papa Murphy’s Pizza) and reserved (like pre-ordered movie seats, instead of searching for a good seat in a packed theater). That’s just me. Sometimes I like a break from exerting effort. You may call it laziness. I call it deserved rest.

There are seasons to discover things that are already moving along. And then there are seasons where we discover a need to be met and realize that we are the person to meet it. To get something moving along. Yes, it’s easier to eat a pizza than to bake it first and then eat it. However, I believe that God has uniquely made us to fill a void on this world. And that void is uniquely filled by us.

We discover that there is something to be discovered by others that will help them become whole. What a gift that is to humanity!

In thinking about ARISE CHURCH, we are building a community, a church… an offering to our community and beyond. Our team of individuals could sit back and enjoy discovering some of the great churches in our area and beyond. But God has called us into His plan to build something that others will discover and enjoy and grow close to Jesus because we are walking beside them.

So I want to invite you to be a builder. If you would like more information on how you can be a part of the building process… be a part of bringing joy to others as they discover a community who loves Jesus, follows Him and shares His love with our community and beyond, I’d love to speak with you.

But if you are needing to discover a place where you can be known, be encouraged to have hope, to grow in your faith, or discover the more perfect you, we’d love to see you at ARISE CHURCH.

Currently we meet on Wednesday nights for ALPHA.

Our initial worship gatherings will begin January 7th.

We’re gearing up for an exciting Easter worship gathering on April 1.


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